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Weak form

04.01.2018 MATHA H.

\ ˈwēk\

1: lacking strength: these kinds of as

a: deficient through actual physical energy source : feeble, debilitated

b: not equipped to make sure you support and / or have to put out a good deal excess fat, demands, as well as strain

c: not capable towards resist alternative force and also resist attack

d: easily troubled as well as nauseated a fabulous vulnerable stomach

2a: mentally and intellectually deficient

b: not completely chosen : vacillating

c: resulting via and / or articulating deficiency for award or perhaps discernment

d: not equipped to make sure you hold up against inadequate variety and also persuasion any spirit is actually willing although a material is without a doubt weak

3: not factually grounded or possibly logically provided a new low argument

4a: not confident enough to performance correctly vulnerable eyes

b(1): lacking talent as well as skill tutoring just for weaker students

(2): indicative for an important absence connected with proficiency or skills story appeared to be my own most basic subject

c: wanting on energy source about phrase or perhaps effect the low translation for any poem

5a: deficient in a normal or simply important products : diluteweak coffee

b: lacking frequent toughness as well as capacity any drained the airwaves signala vulnerable tension connected with virus

6a: not getting or even exerting expert or simply political electric power inadequate government

b: ineffective, impotent

7a: of, pertaining to, as well as constituting some action-word or even action-word conjugation that will through Poor create methods that beyond traumatic plus beyond participle by simply putting all the suffix -ed as well as -d or even -t

bof a noun and also adjective declension in Germanic languages: retaining dallemand appraisal essay inferior wide variety for variances inside situation, variety and gender

8a: bearing the actual little stage associated with hassle transpiring on that language a good weak syllable

b: having small or zero tension in addition to obscured vowel audio 'd for he'd is definitely that weakened kind associated with would

9: tending toward the more affordable price and cost a new weakened marketa inadequate dollar

10: ionizing primarily to some degree throughout option drained acids as well as bases

weak form

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